Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Even without a wheel!

This past weekend was Maple Grove Days. Our company Lakes Marketing Group Inc. sponsored a bed in the Maple Grove Rotary/40 Winks Bed Race. Even with losing a wheel (not good in a race) with storms before and after the race we were happy and proud to be part of the event. The race provided funding for beds for families that need help at this time. If you watched the movie Blind Side you probably remember the scene where the main character not only was happy to get a bedroom he was very happy to just have a bed! The event grew to around 30 beds in the race this year. Thanks to this participation 30 beds were provided for children who are clients of CROSS Food Shelf. A special thanks goes to Tom Anderson who spent a great deal of time and talent organizing this event.

This is an example of a way for companies to get their name out into the community, build company spirit while doing good! In regard to your business I suggest a few of these types of events along with a planned advertising program. One warning, you have to keep these events manageable and within a reasonable budget. Events like this done right will compliment most advertising programs.

By the way great driving Nikita and thanks to those who pushed!

Keep on driving! Chuck