Monday, April 11, 2011

Bring on Spring and the Twins!

There is something special about the snowmelt and the start of baseball. It is amazing to see sunlight both when we drive to and leave work; it brings certain level of energy to us all. This morning when I read the paper with the list of baseball games today, I just had a good feeling.

How special is spring? It is a time of new life. One can hear it in the birds and watch as trees bloom. I love to see the flowers slowly come up from the ground knowing that they will soon be an awesome flower in the summer. It is this new work in the spring that creates such an amazing sight. Just like the trees and flowers, I believe it is time for us to put something new in action. To bottle up all the extra energy we get from the sunlight and put to good use. It is time to start a new project that you been putting off during the winter. We need to dig into that list of “to do’s” and do one or two of them. I suggest choosing one extra thing from work and one from home. If you do, your summer flowers will look amazing. Take advantage of the springtime feeling and do something special today! Go Twins!