Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When the storm hits!

Wow – The snowiest December ever!!! I am very glad I purchased a new snow blower at the end of the winter season last year.

I have been reading as of late about all this snow that fell last month. It is more apparent just by looking outside my window with the snow piles looking like a mountain. This is saying a lot. I have lived here in Minnesota for more than 30 years, and I have never seen it like this before in early January. It truly is one of the most impactful snow at one time.

So how do we deal with all this snow? It is amazing that some people find a way to just keep moving forward while others hide from it. Some people even thrive in it: plow drivers, tow trucks, emergency workers, and others who work hard to get us moving – We all owe them a huge thank you for everything they do.

Even in everyday life the effort required is more than relaxing days of the summer. Salespeople have cold cars and less parking places, merchants have to make up business lost, commute times are longer and more stressful. I could go on and on but even with this we all keep going. If you are someone who has pushed through this, I commend you for dealing with this; it is even more impressive if you could do it while still keeping a smile on your face.

Inside each successful business, you will find this same mindset when a storm hits - You have to have a plan. You have to be willing to trust those around you pushing your business through the storm. You have to find new ways to deal with all the new challenges (like the sales person dealing with all the ice on a road).

It is about setting up your business in case a storm hits – anyone can run a business in during a beautiful summer day. Will you be the one to keep going and going until you reach the end of the storm when all the snow has been push to the side and the mountains have been conquered? It is about reaching that desired goal and being ready for anything that might get in the way of stopping you. Does your business have a plan for the snowiest month of the year? Will your personal goals pull you through a storm? If not, now is the time to make some changes as we start the New Year. Make it happen…

In both our personal and work lives, let’s be thankful for the people who dig us out from the storm. Every day we need people that challenge us and clear a path for us. We need to listen to those around us and most importantly have the right people around us to move the snow when it hits.