Monday, June 21, 2010

My first blog how should I start?

My first blog how should I start? I think thanking our great team members at Lakes Marketing Group, Inc. is a great start! Their expertise, compassion, and drive is so appreciated in our exciting fast moving environment of advertising! It also seems like a good time to share my appreciation for our clients who are so important. I will commit to stay focused on the needs of our clients. One of our core goals is to help our customers grow!

My hope with this blog is to provide information on the marketplace, coupons, marketing,, and useful business tips along with updates on Lakes Marketing Group, Inc. that consist of The Twin Cities Clipper, Clip N Save, and In future blogs I will share information on these publications. Please let me know what you want to read about.

Thanks Chuck

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  1. Looking forward to hearing your wisdom/experience, Chuck! Thanks for writing it.